What is PRSSA?

Public Relations Student Society of America’s membership consists of over 11k students and advisors in the U.S., Argentina, and Columbia. Its mission is to advance the public relations profession by nutrturing future professionals.

Why should I join PRSSA?

PRSSA offers its members networking opportunities, internship listings, scholarships, and confrences that allow members and PR professionals to meet. All of these resources and more are to further each member’s educational and professional development. I strongly encourage you to visit PRSSA’s website,which offers more specific details.

If I’m not a public relations major, why should I join?

We often do PR without even realizing it. If you’re part of a club, involved with greek life, an employee, or a potential employee, you represent something -even if it’s yourself. So why not learn how to represent those things effectively?

What is the Vincent Hazleton Chapter?

“Dr. Hazleton, a professor in the School of Communication, served as the chapter’s original adviser during the charter process in 1994 and in years after. Although others have taken on the role, Hazleton has had a profound effect on public relations students at Radford.
The initiative to name the chapter after Hazleton took place in fall 2013 when students decided to honor his support of their organization. The name change was spearheaded by then-President Dakota Carter ’13.”
Click here for article link

How much does membership cost?

Membership is $65 a year. $50 of that goes to PRSSA, while $15 goes to our local chapter funds.

What are meetings like?

At chapter meetings, we discuss internships, conferenes, networking, and other related topics. Guest speakers, such as alumni, employers, and professionals are often invited to share with members their thoughts and experiences in the profession. A faculty advisor is always present to help PRSSA students.
In addition to chapter meetings, there are also committee meetings. Each committee has its own agenda, so meeting time and content vary.

Can I still join the Firm if I don’t pay dues?

Yes! Firm meetings are open to everyone from all majors. Excluding leadership positions, membership is open to anyone.


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